Read The Full Text of SEMA Response to EPA Proposal To Ban Most Car Racing

9 Feb

Full Text of SEMA Response to EPA Proposed Ban on Car Car Racing

Racing, like driving, is a privilege, not a right. There’s no constitutional amendment protecting your privilege to do either.

Above is page one of SEMA‘s nine page response to the EPA’s proposed ban on the conversion of street cars to race cars. I recommend reading SEMA’s entire response, since the EPA reg is epic and complex, and SEMA pretty much sums up the folly of government intrusion and what needs our protection. Here’s a longer explainer.

We must support SEMA on this one. More as I get it…

(Update: Link Corrected. Sorry, guys.)

The EPA Wants To Ban Most Forms of Car Racing

8 Feb

The EPA Wants To Ban Car Racing As We Know It

The EPA was too busy to help the people of Flint, but not too busy to propose a ban on most forms of car racing as we know it. According to SEMA, the EPA has proposed a regulation to prohibit the conversion of vehicles designed for on-road use into race cars. Goodbye to Porsche’s secondary business (as in the GT-class at Daytona) and to vintage, amateur, LeMons and most racing series in this country if the EPA succeeds. Continue reading

What Bond Enemy’s Logo Does Faraday Future’s Resemble?

8 Feb

Faraday FutureStromberg Shipping

The Faraday Future logo is cool, but there’s something about it I can’t quite put my finger on. Wait, yes I can. It’s too cool. So cool that it looks like the logo of one of Bond’s enemies. One of his enemies that is not Spectre, but which one?

Spiritually, it seems to harken back to the logo for Stromberg Shipping, albeit in a more digital/modernized form. Or maybe it’s another organization from a different franchise altogether?

Autonomous Cars Will Never Be Fully Autonomous Until…

5 Feb

BBC Image: Wireless Charging Electric Vehicle

What makes an Autonomous Car fully Autonomous? Full Autonomy. That will never happen until the last piece of the Autonomous Driving (AD) chain is solved, and that’s the automation of refueling and recharging. This article on The Verge got me thinking about the relationship between AD and EVs, the totally fractured way we talk about the two, and the clear delineation between the types of Self-Driving Cars that are coming.

I just Googled the phrase “Autonomous Driving Chain” and found…nothing. Is no one really thinking about this? It’s impossible.

(Photo credit: BBC)

Autonomous Driving Nomenclature Makes No Sense

4 Feb

Alex Roy On Autonomous Driving Nomenclature

When it comes to marketing autonomous driving, carmakers have a problem. Actually two problems. First, they need to convince us we need Autonomous Driving. Also, they need to explain to us exactly what these features actually do. Everyone knows ABS means Anti-Lock Braking, because all manufacturers use it as a generic term. Not so with Autonomous Driving features, and that’s a big problem. Because you can’t sell something you can’t explain.

Let’s take a look at what the average person sees by Googling three German manufacturers’ current, and upcoming, models. Oh, and Tesla. Tesla has led the way in simplifying autonomous driving nomenclature, but Mercedes, Audi and BMW are right behind them. Or so I thought.

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What Is The World’s Best Fourth Car?

3 Feb


Bahaaaaaah, the French. I mean, the English. Yes, the English have always been celebrated for making the world’s best Fourth Cars. There is an English manufacturer named Morgan, inspired almost exclusively by the desire to make “Fourth Cars.” They’re ash-framed and, like the best English cars, deliver vintage styling, so Morgan —

Wait, what is a Fourth Car, you ask? Allow me to to explain in one of my most popular pieces back from my days at Jalopnik from the summer of 2015.

“Your Diminished Privacy Is Their Product”

2 Feb

Privacy While Driving

“Your Diminished Privacy Is Their Product.” This, according to The Atlantic, is the reality behind Vigilant Systems, who are doing everything in their power to empower police to invade your privacy at every turn. Free surveillance hardware. Non-disclosure agreements with law enforcement. If you want to know the full story behind the for-profit effort to invade your privacy behind the wheel, read this terrific article over at TTAC.

(Image Credit: Northwest Harley Blog)

Why Supercar Owners Who Crash Aren’t Like Us

1 Feb

Why Supercars Crash

I’ll never forget my first dream car. It wasn’t up on my high school bedroom wall. That was reserved for the Vector W8 and the Porsche 959, which were beyond dreams. They were fantasies, and a fantasy is just that. But dreams? Dreams can come true. I vowed that if I could ever afford that car, I would keep it forever. Safe. In one piece. I know I’m not alone, because I constantly meet people who also drive their dream car, and feel exactly as I do.

This makes us very different from the people who crash supercars.

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The Chevy Bolt Will Fail

1 Feb

The Chevy Bolt Will Fail

Give Elon Musk credit. His public relations people are brilliant. Tesla is the Band-Aid, Kleenex, Scotch Tape, Velveeta and Velcro for the future of cars. Everyone in the universe of mindshare around electric cars (EVs) orbits Tesla. People who know nothing about EVs equate Tesla with EVs. Every EV in the next few years will be compared to a Tesla.

That’s a problem for car manufacturers, and they don’t even understand it.

People don’t buy a Tesla solely for the car. They’re buying into an ecosystem that includes an EV. An ecosystem that upends everything about the traditional ownership experience, without which any EV—even a Tesla—is just a brick in a pond.

This is where GM got almost everything wrong with the Bolt. This is why the Bolt will fail.

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