Ed Snowden Loves Self-Driving Cars, Hates Privacy

12 May


If Ed Snowden wants to protect privacy and civil liberties, then he’s got some explaining to do re: his remarks on Self-Driving Cars. Yesterday he tweeted the following: Continue reading

How Far Will A Tesla Drive Itself? Let’s Find Out The Hard Way. LIVE.

10 Apr

Tesla Cannonball

How Far Will A Tesla Drive Itself? One Tesla Model S P90D Ludicrous, one driver, 694 miles. Bad weather. Autonomous Driving & EV tech pushed to the limit. A shortcut I’ve been told not to take. What could go wrong?

What records could possibly be set? Safely?

Check in throughout the day at The/Drive‘s via Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter for LIVE updates as we brave the storm. Details to follow Monday, 4/11/16. #ManhattanToMotorCity everywhere…

Columnists Battle Over “Key ‘Em All” Headline

17 Sep

Alex Roy's LiveDriveRepeatAt least someone at the Herald Scotland has some decency. In the wake of Catriona Stewart’s column “Swanky Cars Are A Symbol of a Screwed Up World – Key ‘Em All,” a second columnist has come forward to repudiate Stewart’s loathsome and foolish piece.

Although the Herald itself is still letting Stewart hide behind a blatant headline swap, let us thank Andrew McKie for speaking some sense in the his op-ed in the very same paper. To wit:

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