Alex Roy Digest 5.7.16: Invention, GT86 Concept, Elon Musk, Car Art

7 May

Alex Roy

Have You Ever Seen the Rain? This Entrepreneur Reinvented the Umbrella, and I don’t know how I’m supposed to feel about this. They certainly invented something.

I really dig this Toyota GT86 Shooting Brake concept. It’s the normal person’s Ferrari FF:

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NOW Will Toyota Cut Light Truck Pipeline To ISIS?

14 Nov

Alex Roy's LiveDriveRepeat

Questions were raised last month about how ISIS was getting their hands on so many brand new light trucks made by Toyota – the experts in military-grade light trucks at consumer prices.

Call me crazy, but if this supply hasn’t been cut…well…just call me crazy.

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Is “Toyota Barista” the Dumbest Marketing Idea This Year?

11 Oct

Raising The Excitement

When in the course of human events an automotive manufacturer blows a mountain of money on an idiotic idea, I no longer notice. But when an idea is this tone-deaf, I feel compelled not only to begin trolling, but to go as far as to screenshot and photoshop the most egregious frame of the video which likely cost a lot more than a Prius, which is the car Toyota is actually trying to sell with this nonsense. What I would do to have been present for the pitch that led to this: Continue reading