Ed Snowden Loves Self-Driving Cars, Hates Privacy

12 May


If Ed Snowden wants to protect privacy and civil liberties, then he’s got some explaining to do re: his remarks on Self-Driving Cars. Yesterday he tweeted the following: Continue reading

Alex Roy Digest 5.10.16: Snowden’s Self-Driving Contradiction, Ford’s Fake Cylinders

10 May


Love or hate Edward Snowden, we all know what he stands for. PRIVACY, right? Wrong. Because Snowden clearly also believes in Self-Driving Cars (SDC’s). For someone who claims to support privacy at any cost – including what critics would call treason – it’s the height of cognitive dissonance to ALSO believe in SDCs. SDCs, but definition, require the near total abdication of privacy.

How can Snowden not see this? And which side does he ultimately fall on?

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Alex Roy’s Digest 5.8.16: No To Driverless Cars, Polizei vs. Gumball 3000, Lyft, Traptap

8 May

Gumball 3000

The German Police Hit The Gumball 3000 Hard. You didn’t need to be Nostradamus to see that coming.

Billions are being invested in driverless cars that Americans don’t want. I think some of them want it. I know I do. But not so sure about people over 50. My mom sure doesn’t. Basically, if your desktop has ever crashed, you probably don’t want it. Paging, Windows 95 users…

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Alex Roy Digest Google is Colossus, China AD, Tesla

4 May


GM ditched Google over data control? Add their coming big AI, and Google is Colossus. Or will be. Does that mean Ford is OK with Google’s data control? What does this say about BMW and Daimler’s rejection of Apple’s terms? Did Apple want what Google wants? Is Google already an adolescent Colossus?

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Alex Roy’s Digest 5.4.16: Car AntiVirus, OnStar, GPS Death, Uber

4 May


You didn’t need to be Nostradamus to see this one coming: Your connected car will need antivirus software.

Autonomous Driving tech is the next bubble. THEN it will become ubiquitous. Seriously, people aren’t going to want this until Level 4 is available…with or without a steering wheel.

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New BMW 8-Series Is Exactly What It Should Be

22 Feb

New BMW 8-series Gran Lusso concept

A new BMW 8-series is in the works, and it is gorgeous. Intended to compete with the Mercedes S-Class Coupe, it gives me goosebumps in the way the old BMW 8-series did back in the 90’s. Alas, it doesn’t give me goosebumps the way the E24 6-Series still does today, but that’s ok. At least the new 8 still has the Hofmeister kink.

You know what doesn’t give me goosebumps? Every 6 since 1989.

Nice job, BMW.

(Thanks, Autocar.)

How Much Will A Tesla Model 3 Really Cost?

15 Feb

Tesla Model 3

How much will a Tesla Model 3 really cost? We’ve heard $35k, before and after incentives. Now we’ve heard $25k, after incentives. Set aside when it’s coming out, because we all know Tesla is not in the business of meeting self-imposed deadlines, and let’s consider the harsh realities of the Model 3’s positioning in what will be a very crowded segment. Continue reading