Electric and Autonomous Cannonball Run Records Shattered. In a Tesla. Again.

21 Sep

Tesla Cannonball

August 24th, 2016, at 0126hr PST, a 2016 Tesla Model S 90D departed the Portofino Inn in Redondo Beach, California. The team of Alex RoyWarren “Mr. X” Ahner & Franz Aliquo transited 2,877 miles to the Red Ball Garage in New York City in precisely 55 hours, shattering the Electric Vehicle (EV) Cannonball record by 2 hours & 48 minutes.

The trio also set a new Autonomous Driving (AD) Cannonball record, using Tesla’s semi-AD Autopilot 7 97.7% of the journey from coast to coast, bettering the prior record of 96.1%.

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Alex Roy’s Cannonball Run Buyer’s Guide

20 Jan

Alex Roy’s Cannonball Run Buyer’s GuideWhat is the best car for a Cannonball Run? Ah, the eternal question of car-loving criminals and outlaws, and car lovers with no criminal intent whatsoever. The conventional wisdom is not wisdom, because it is almost all based on the Cannonball Run and Gumball Rally movies. Although inspired by real events, both were comedies that glossed over the hardcore strategizing required to get dozens of cars cross-country at 100-plus mph, and to do it safely. The movies have literally nothing to teach us about the “right” car for running a Cannonball today.

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Alex Roy’s Rules of Speeding, Part 4: Mexicali Ditchweed & Pablo’s Finest Yayo

18 Dec

Alex Roy's LiveDriveRepeat

The majority of articles about speeding are worthless. The basic advice is to get a radar detector. The rest is about what to do after you’re caught. That’s like asking your not-quite-as-dumb-as-you-are cousin for help after your off-brand condom broke and your girlfriend got knocked up.

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Alex Roy’s Rules of Speeding ROUNDUP So Far

16 Dec

Alex Roy's LiveDriveRepeat

My series on the Rules of Professional Speeding continues over at The Drive, with Part 4 coming in the next day or two. In case you aren’t up to speed, here are the prior stories in the series:

The Harsh Truth Behind Speeding
The Rules of Professional Speeding, Part 2
The Rules of Professional Speeding, Part 3: Why Seventies Porn is Better


The Rules of Speeding, Part III: Why Seventies Porn Is Better

11 Dec

Alex Roy's LiveDriveRepeat - The Rules of Speeding, Part 3

“Never was so much accomplished by so few on behalf of so few.”

This was how I was introduced by a senior FBI official to an auditorium full of agents in 2008 on my book tour for The Driver. Why would our nation’s top law enforcement agency invite me – arguably the most infamous professional speeder since Brock Yates – to speak at Quantico? I’ve struggled to answer that without laughing ever since.

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VIDEO: Morgan 3-Wheeler Cannonball Run Record Part 2

9 Dec

Alex Roy's LiveDriveRepeat

The second video is up from the Morgan 3-Wheeler Cannonball Run Record, which shows our departure and the suffering, danger and madness of driving 90mph through rain and sleet. Did I mention repairs? Breakdowns? Terror? Fear? The agony of impending defeat? It’s all there. Did you miss part 1? Here it is.

Oh, if you haven’t already, check out Zach Bowman’s side-splitting “It Was Terrible” and my hyperbolic justification, “You Are All Cowards.”

Much, much more video is coming…

Alex Roy’s Rules Of Speeding ROUNDUP

2 Dec

Alex Roy's LiveDriveRepeat

Want to know how to drive 100+mph all the time without getting caught? My first two articles on professional speeding over at The Drive have been my most popular articles of all time. Check out #1 “The Very Harsh Truth Behind Speeding” and #2 “The Rules of Professional Speeding.”

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