Read The Full Text of SEMA Response to EPA Proposal To Ban Most Car Racing

9 Feb

Full Text of SEMA Response to EPA Proposed Ban on Car Car Racing

Racing, like driving, is a privilege, not a right. There’s no constitutional amendment protecting your privilege to do either.

Above is page one of SEMA‘s nine page response to the EPA’s proposed ban on the conversion of street cars to race cars. I recommend reading SEMA’s entire response, since the EPA reg is epic and complex, and SEMA pretty much sums up the folly of government intrusion and what needs our protection. Here’s a longer explainer.

We must support SEMA on this one. More as I get it…

(Update: Link Corrected. Sorry, guys.)

The EPA Wants To Ban Most Forms of Car Racing

8 Feb

The EPA Wants To Ban Car Racing As We Know It

The EPA was too busy to help the people of Flint, but not too busy to propose a ban on most forms of car racing as we know it. According to SEMA, the EPA has proposed a regulation to prohibit the conversion of vehicles designed for on-road use into race cars. Goodbye to Porsche’s secondary business (as in the GT-class at Daytona) and to vintage, amateur, LeMons and most racing series in this country if the EPA succeeds. Continue reading