Alex Roy Digest Google is Colossus, China AD, Tesla

4 May


GM ditched Google over data control? Add their coming big AI, and Google is Colossus. Or will be. Does that mean Ford is OK with Google’s data control? What does this say about BMW and Daimler’s rejection of Apple’s terms? Did Apple want what Google wants? Is Google already an adolescent Colossus?

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Is this absolutely the worst automotive marketing tie-in Tweet of all time?

9 Oct

F**king Pan? This is absolutely the worst automotive marketing tie-in tweet of all time. Seriously, does Buick have some kind of deal with Warner Brothers? I hope they don’t. If they do, someone at Buick should be fired. If they don’t, two people should be fired: the person who tweeted this, and the person who hired them. You didn’t need to be Nostradamus to see what a steaming pile this movie was going to be. Continue reading