Alex Roy’s Digest More Tesla Crash, Internet of S**t, America’s Cup

6 May

Tesla Crash

Five German teens amazingly survived this devastating Tesla crash in Pullach, Germany. The Models S pictures are incredible, but not as incredible as how well the car’s crash structure protected them.

The America’s Cup is cool, and in New York, and will be facing some tough conditions.

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Alex Roy’s Daily Reading 4.25.16: Maps Lie, Tesla X, BMW, Audi & Infotainment

25 Apr

Alex Roy's Daily Digest

Maps lie.

My Tesla Model X Review is doing colossal traffic. Colossal. And still climbing.

Not sure about #5. Vox: “Five big challenges that self-driving cars still have to overcome

Which DC Fast Charging Standard Will Become Dominant? CHAdeMO, CCS, Tesla?

BMW adds GoPro intregration to M Laptimer app. Meanwhile, dashcams remain 3rd-party devices. Why aren’t dashcams factory options?

Infortainment still sucks? I know. I know. Autoblog thinks it can fix it.

New TT RS faster and more powerful than a new Cayman? Still wish it looked like the Gen 1 TT.