VIDEO: Unicycle Jousting. Yes, Unicycle Jousting.

16 Jan


Unicycle Jousting exists. I thought I’d made it up. Physics and all. It turned out I don’t know enough about physics. Actually, that’s not true. It’s just that I have common sense. Sense enough to know that however cool this is, it shouldn’t be allowed. Not because it can’t be made safe, but because if this video is ever seen by some future crime lord, it might inspire him to force two unwilling captives to fight to the death. Continue reading

Video #1: Morgan 3-Wheeler Cannonball Run Record Prep

23 Nov

Alex Roy's LiveDriveRepeatThe first video is up from the Morgan 3-Wheeler Cannonball Run Record, which shows some behind the scenes prep as well as interviews with mechanics George Mayer of Spot 44 & Amber Blonigan of GI Automotive.

If you haven’t already, check out Zach Bowman’s side-splittingĀ “It Was Terrible” and my hyperbolic justification, “You Are All Cowards.”

Much, much more video is coming…