Do You Love Your Kids? Branding, VW & The Forgotten Recaro Recall.

23 Sep

Alex Roy's LiveDriveRepeat - Recaro Recalls Baby Seats

All this VW talk has completely clouded the fact that recalls happen all the time. Unless you’re the original owner of anything you buy, it’s unlikely you’ll receive the traditional snail mail notification that might save your life. In this case, your child’s. Maybe, if the recall is big enough, you might even hear about it in the news. Trust me. If you’re the company doing the recalling, it’s best if no one other than current owners of your product finds out. Sooooo, Recaro – yes, that Recaro – really lucked out last week.

The spirit of Nostradamus must have shone upon Recaro, because they announced their recall of 173,000 child safety seats on September 15th, to very little fanfare. The VW Scandal broke on the 18th, and what little coverage Recaro got over the weekend was swamped by VW’s public collapse on the 21st.

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Columnists Battle Over “Key ‘Em All” Headline

17 Sep

Alex Roy's LiveDriveRepeatAt least someone at the Herald Scotland has some decency. In the wake of Catriona Stewart’s column “Swanky Cars Are A Symbol of a Screwed Up World – Key ‘Em All,” a second columnist has come forward to repudiate Stewart’s loathsome and foolish piece.

Although the Herald itself is still letting Stewart hide behind a blatant headline swap, let us thank Andrew McKie for speaking some sense in the his op-ed in the very same paper. To wit:

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