And The Dumbest Criminal In The Automotive World Trophy Goes To…

21 Nov

Car Theft

I’ve always wondered what goes on in my garage at night. You know, after I hand the keys to the attendant. Will he take my Morgan out for a spin? Then I survey row upon row of AMG, RS, and M cars, and I know beloved jalopy is safe. There are cameras everywhere. This is Manhattan. If someone saw it cruising around, it’d be on Instagram in fifteen minutes, and it wouldn’t take long to figure out where it came from.

I’m not saying stealing cars is ever a good idea — although trying can be fun — but I AM saying that stealing cars entrusted to you by the owner is a VERY bad idea.

Incredibly, It looks like one Umair Bhatti — the man behind London-based sports car storage business Garaged.comis exactly that dumb.

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Alex Roy’s Digest 5.5.16: Tesla Crash, Sex, Idiots, Rail, CDL

5 May


Tesla Crash

Hooning a Model S? Looks like five German kids who survived this Tesla crash got off lucky. I wonder what would have happened in my E39 BMW Polizei M5.

Authorities are worried that sex behind the “wheel” in Self-Driving Cars is dangerous. Which makes no sense.

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Is this absolutely the worst automotive marketing tie-in Tweet of all time?

9 Oct

F**king Pan? This is absolutely the worst automotive marketing tie-in tweet of all time. Seriously, does Buick have some kind of deal with Warner Brothers? I hope they don’t. If they do, someone at Buick should be fired. If they don’t, two people should be fired: the person who tweeted this, and the person who hired them. You didn’t need to be Nostradamus to see what a steaming pile this movie was going to be. Continue reading

Columnists Battle Over “Key ‘Em All” Headline

17 Sep

Alex Roy's LiveDriveRepeatAt least someone at the Herald Scotland has some decency. In the wake of Catriona Stewart’s column “Swanky Cars Are A Symbol of a Screwed Up World – Key ‘Em All,” a second columnist has come forward to repudiate Stewart’s loathsome and foolish piece.

Although the Herald itself is still letting Stewart hide behind a blatant headline swap, let us thank Andrew McKie for speaking some sense in the his op-ed in the very same paper. To wit:

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