Doug DeMuro Doesn’t Know Anything About Autonomous Cars

12 Feb

Doug Demuro Denies Tesla Model S Autonomous Car Dominance

“The Tesla has come and gone,” according to Doug Demuro. Does Demuro know anything about Autonomous Cars? Jalopnik was kind enough to invite me to weigh in as part of their latest video, “Is A Tesla The Best Semi-Autonomous Car You Can Buy?” I recommend you watch it, because his comments are illuminating for all the wrong reasons. Continue reading

Why Car Journalism Today Sucks, Part 1

3 Jan

Alex Roy on Why Most Auto Journalism Sucks

The vast majority of reviews we read are trash. Movie reviews, restaurant reviews—you name it, there’s some no-name being paid to write about it. They probably aren’t paid much, and you better believe that anyone over the age of 25 reviewing anything is 1) amortizing their lack of a vacation budget with a greasy treadmill of five-star junkets to Beverly Hills and Dubai, or 2) writing reviews as a hobby and most likely doesn’t have the authority to advise you on much of anything.

Read the rest over at The Drive…

Alex Roy’s Rules of Speeding ROUNDUP So Far

16 Dec

Alex Roy's LiveDriveRepeat

My series on the Rules of Professional Speeding continues over at The Drive, with Part 4 coming in the next day or two. In case you aren’t up to speed, here are the prior stories in the series:

The Harsh Truth Behind Speeding
The Rules of Professional Speeding, Part 2
The Rules of Professional Speeding, Part 3: Why Seventies Porn is Better


Is “Toyota Barista” the Dumbest Marketing Idea This Year?

11 Oct

Raising The Excitement

When in the course of human events an automotive manufacturer blows a mountain of money on an idiotic idea, I no longer notice. But when an idea is this tone-deaf, I feel compelled not only to begin trolling, but to go as far as to screenshot and photoshop the most egregious frame of the video which likely cost a lot more than a Prius, which is the car Toyota is actually trying to sell with this nonsense. What I would do to have been present for the pitch that led to this: Continue reading