The 17 Craziest DriveTribes You Must Join Today

30 Nov


Drivetribe, the new automotive media/community platform from our favorite hosts of the old Top Gear, is here. Richard Hammond described it as the YouPorn of cars. Anyone can sign up to become a “Tribe Leader” and voila! You’ve got yet another outlet on which to see and share the same content posted everywhere else.

Can this work? I don’t know. Like any platform, there’s some good stuff there, and a lot of meh. But I do know that creating a DriveTribe is easy, and that every new social platform offers opportunities to register and fun names and see what happens. You know. For fun. Also, to prevent someone else from squatting on a good one.

Inspired by the 4th String Jaeger site which so totally mocked Pacific Rim, I decided to create a few Tribes myself. Seventeen, to be precise.

I almost forgot. These can’t go public until each has ten members and 2 posts, so PLEASE click on each link to become a member and help DriveTribe build out some unique trIbes, rather than the usual automotive crap. Then, please post something. Anything. Just to see what happens.

Let’s start with the obvious ones.

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