Alex Roy Digest Google is Colossus, China AD, Tesla

4 May


GM ditched Google over data control? Add their coming big AI, and Google is Colossus. Or will be. Does that mean Ford is OK with Google’s data control? What does this say about BMW and Daimler’s rejection of Apple’s terms? Did Apple want what Google wants? Is Google already an adolescent Colossus?

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Alex Roy’s Digest 5.4.16: Car AntiVirus, OnStar, GPS Death, Uber

4 May


You didn’t need to be Nostradamus to see this one coming: Your connected car will need antivirus software.

Autonomous Driving tech is the next bubble. THEN it will become ubiquitous. Seriously, people aren’t going to want this until Level 4 is available…with or without a steering wheel.

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Alex Roy’s Digest 5.1.16: Electric Ferrari, Charging Stations, Tesla Skeptics, Self-Driving Civic

1 May

Alex Roy's LiveDriveRepeat: Electric Ferrari 308

An electric Ferrari 308? Be still my beating heart. This speaks to me on so many levels. Magnum, P.I. is the obvious one, but 32:07 is the other. A red Ferrari similar to this one set the Transcontinental Driving Record in 1983 on the U.S. Express, and will always be the quintessential Cannonball car. Except for a certain E39 BMW M5.

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Alex Roy’s Daily Reading 4.27.16: SAE, Fisker, BMW, Daimler, Sharing, Volvo Autonomy

27 Apr

Alex Roy SAE Conference

I spoke at the SAE World Congress and all I got was this low-rez image. From a friend. Who needs a better smartphone. Still waiting on video.

Crash tests for autonomous cars are going to be way weirder than we think.

BMW really wants Mini owners to rent out their cars? Unlike Daimler, which both owns and fills its own pipeline, otherwise known as Car2Go.

Volvo autonomous car engineer calls Tesla’s Autopilot a ‘wannabe’. I can’t wait to find out. Soon. Continue reading

Alex Roy’s Daily Reading 4.25.16: Maps Lie, Tesla X, BMW, Audi & Infotainment

25 Apr

Alex Roy's Daily Digest

Maps lie.

My Tesla Model X Review is doing colossal traffic. Colossal. And still climbing.

Not sure about #5. Vox: “Five big challenges that self-driving cars still have to overcome

Which DC Fast Charging Standard Will Become Dominant? CHAdeMO, CCS, Tesla?

BMW adds GoPro intregration to M Laptimer app. Meanwhile, dashcams remain 3rd-party devices. Why aren’t dashcams factory options?

Infortainment still sucks? I know. I know. Autoblog thinks it can fix it.

New TT RS faster and more powerful than a new Cayman? Still wish it looked like the Gen 1 TT.

New BMW 8-Series Is Exactly What It Should Be

22 Feb

New BMW 8-series Gran Lusso concept

A new BMW 8-series is in the works, and it is gorgeous. Intended to compete with the Mercedes S-Class Coupe, it gives me goosebumps in the way the old BMW 8-series did back in the 90’s. Alas, it doesn’t give me goosebumps the way the E24 6-Series still does today, but that’s ok. At least the new 8 still has the Hofmeister kink.

You know what doesn’t give me goosebumps? Every 6 since 1989.

Nice job, BMW.

(Thanks, Autocar.)

Doug DeMuro Doesn’t Know Anything About Autonomous Cars

12 Feb

Doug Demuro Denies Tesla Model S Autonomous Car Dominance

“The Tesla has come and gone,” according to Doug Demuro. Does Demuro know anything about Autonomous Cars? Jalopnik was kind enough to invite me to weigh in as part of their latest video, “Is A Tesla The Best Semi-Autonomous Car You Can Buy?” I recommend you watch it, because his comments are illuminating for all the wrong reasons. Continue reading

Alex Roy’s Cannonball Run Buyer’s Guide

20 Jan

Alex Roy’s Cannonball Run Buyer’s GuideWhat is the best car for a Cannonball Run? Ah, the eternal question of car-loving criminals and outlaws, and car lovers with no criminal intent whatsoever. The conventional wisdom is not wisdom, because it is almost all based on the Cannonball Run and Gumball Rally movies. Although inspired by real events, both were comedies that glossed over the hardcore strategizing required to get dozens of cars cross-country at 100-plus mph, and to do it safely. The movies have literally nothing to teach us about the “right” car for running a Cannonball today.

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