Alex Roy’s Daily Reading 4.28.16: Porsche, Drivy, Turo, Traffic Theory, Tesla, Amateurs

29 Apr

Alex Roy: Porsche 928 Reborn As A Ferrari 488 Killer?

A new Porsche 928? A Ferrari 488 fighter? Please. Let it be both.

I appeared on the Untitled Car Show Podcast. have 99 minutes to kill? We talk Autonomous Cars, Cannonball, Morgan 3-wheelers and scarves.

If Drivy enters the US, there will be war with Turo. Or will there? Continue reading

Is The Porsche 928 The Next Singer?

11 Mar

Spotted at Singer Design. Will they reimagine it? @thesmokingtire @hooniversejeff @alexroy144

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This perfect Porsche 928 was spotted at Singer yesterday. Well, it’s not quite perfect, because it hasn’t been Singerized yet. I’ve long hoped Singer would extend “Singerization” beyond the 911, even though there are clearly many more 911s that deserve to be Singerized. I’m absolutely convinced the 993 is next. In the meantime… Continue reading