Columnist Supports Keying “Swanky” Cars. Chris Harris Declares War. Join The Fight.

17 Sep

Alex Roy's LiveDriveRepeat

No one wants to see their mother cry. My mother grew up in Communist East Germany. She fell in love with James Dean. She also fell in love with his Porsche Spyder. She dreamed of escaping to America. And she did, where she fell in love with my dad, who drove a silver 356. He sold it when I was born. After he died, she dreamed of owning such a car. She couldn’t afford it, so for her 66th birthday, my siblings and I decided to fulfill her lifelong dream. We bought her a Porsche Boxster. In silver. Just like James Dean’s. And my dad’s. She thinks of them, and her sons, every time she gets in the car. She’s 75, and insists on washing it herself. It’s the best maintained Boxster of all time.

At least it was. Until she called me in tears. Someone had keyed the entire right side, down to the metal. The money was one issue, but it was the other that broke her heart.

Who would do such thing? And why?

Here’s who. And here’s why. Continue reading

These “American” Cars Will Be 35% More Expensive Under A Trump Presidency.

15 Sep

Alex Roy's LiveDriveRepeat - Trump Wants These Cars to Go Up 35% In Price If He's Elected...

Donald Trump is sick and tired of American car manufacturers exporting jobs, and doesn’t mind a little trade war. Here is a list of American cars whose prices Donald Trump suggested should go up 35% were he elected president, according to his speech in Raleigh, North Carolina last night. Trump was a little vague about details, but if we go by the NHTSA 70% standard, well, here you go: Continue reading

Is the Mercedes Concept IAA the next CLS? I Hope So.

13 Sep

Alex Roy's LiveDriveRepeat - Mercedes IAA Concept Courtesy of Carscoops

Dear Mercedes: Please build the Concept IAA. The “Intelligent Aerodynamic Automobile” is exactly what the next CLS should be. I loved the design of the first-gen CLS. Not so much the second. The IAA solves that problem. Let’s look at the evolution: Continue reading

WTF: GM Took 5 Years to Fix Hack of OnStar Cars?

12 Sep

Alex Roy's LiveDriveRepeat

Upon reading the Wired piece about GM’s failure to fix their OnStar hack for 5 years, I Googled for a whole ten minutes looking for an image to describe my incredulity. I couldn’t find one pithy enough, so read into the image what you will. So many articles have covered vehicular hacks recently that to add another summing them up seems like a waste of time. It isn’t. Continue reading

What To Make Of A Pizza-Wrapped Lamborghini?

11 Sep

A photo posted by Alex Roy (@alexroy144) on

I don’t always stop for wrapped Lambos, but when I see THIS, even I get curious.

This…err…”Pizza-ghini” is the creation of Cyrus Summerlin and Maximillian Hellerstein, who win the trophy for best startup founder last names. Make that first names, too. And first names. Pizza-ghini wasn’t my idea of a joke, FYI. It’s theirs.

What’s “Push For Pizza?” Continue reading

What Is The Autonomotive Singularity?

10 Sep

The following is excerpted from my Jalopnik piece: “How Science Fiction Failed Us: The Real Future of Autonomous Cars.”

The Autonomotive Singularity is the idea that human input is the weakest link in the transportation chain, manifested to its logical end. It is Uber meets Skynet. It is the sun around which every digital automotive “advancement” currently orbits. Continue reading

Come See My TEDx “Vigilante of The Human Driver”

10 Sep

Alex Roy's TEDx: Vigilante of The Human DriverCome see my upcoming talk “Vigilante of The Human Driver,” Saturday, October 3rd, in Manchester Center, VT, as part of TEDx Battenkill. The theme? “Vigilantes of Extinction.”

Inspired by and from feedback to my recent Jalopnik article “How Science Fiction Failed Us: The Real Future of Autonomous Cars,” I’ll be discussing car culture from the Automotive Singularity through the Autonomotive, the fate of human-driven vehicles and the unintended consequences of AD on society, good and bad. Continue reading

Comment of the Day – I’m Truly Flattered By This Brilliant Idea.

9 Sep

BestcommentevereditedFor my first Comment of the Day, here’s the best comment ever, in response to my Jalopnik piece yesterday, “How Science Fiction Failed us: The Real Future of Autonomous Cars.”

Thanks so much, Color-Commentary. I’m truly flattered.

It might actually make for a great movie.

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The Real Future Of Autonomous Cars

9 Sep

Alex Roy's LiveDriveRepeat - The Real Future Of Autonomous Cars

Elon Musk believes in it. So does Uber’s Travis Kalanick. The Autonomotive Singularity is inevitable. It is the enemy of enthusiast car culture as it stands, but only as we know it. If we come to understand it, it might just be the best thing ever for car enthusiasts. Might. If you truly love driving, you need to understand the Autonomotive Singularity, and that means you have to stop ignoring it and accept it. Continue reading