Alex Roy’s Daily Reading 4.21.16: Facebook Algorithms, Gaming, Citroen vs. Tesla

21 Apr

Bowie. Now Prince.

Using FB as a publishing platform? Read this fascinating Medium post: Peak link: What I learned about Facebook’s algorithm from looking at my 4,632 posts.

400,000+ Tesla Model 3 orders? Musk can’t get on this infrastructure fast enough: Tesla is already expanding its Supercharger Network following the Model 3 unveiling.

This story is going to recur. I’ll cry next time too. How a Boy Found His Father’s Ghost Waiting in a Vintage Video Game: Continue reading

LIVE VIDEO 3PM EST: Morgan 3-Wheeler Tire Test In NYC

4 Mar

Alex Roy Morgan The Drive

What could go wrong? Will my Morgan 3-Wheeler start? Will I hit a pothole and crack the chassis? Will we get run over by a truck? What about frostbite? Find out at 3PM EST today, March 4th, as I venture out in freezing temperatures to test my new all-season Avon sidecar tires and Verizon’s bandwidth on the wretched streets of my hometown, New York City.

Watch it live at 3PM EST today on The Drive’s Facebook page

VIDEO: Alex Roy on The Ultimate Playboy

23 Dec

Alex Roy on The Ultimate Playboy

The video that was ten years in the making. Alex Roy on The Ultimate Playboy, the 2005 reality show on Sky One on which I did battle with a dozen other “playboys” in the south of France for the title of ULTIMATE Playboy. Which makes no sense, because I am so NOT a playboy. I’m the anti-playboy. Playboys hate me, and with good reason. Continue reading