Alex Roy’s Daily Reading 4.21.16: Facebook Algorithms, Gaming, Citroen vs. Tesla

21 Apr

Bowie. Now Prince.

Using FB as a publishing platform? Read this fascinating Medium post: Peak link: What I learned about Facebook’s algorithm from looking at my 4,632 posts.

400,000+ Tesla Model 3 orders? Musk can’t get on this infrastructure fast enough: Tesla is already expanding its Supercharger Network following the Model 3 unveiling.

This story is going to recur. I’ll cry next time too. How a Boy Found His Father’s Ghost Waiting in a Vintage Video Game: Continue reading

Polizei 144A Wins Week 9 of Forza 6 Livery Competition!

13 Nov

Forza Polizei m5

The world’s most infamous BMW M5 – E39 Polizei 144A – has won week 9 of the Forza 6 Livery Competition. Thanks again to master artist & team member PolizeiYT, whose incredibly accurate in-game liveries remain popular among fans and foes alike. Just compare the Forza version to the real thing: Continue reading