An Autonomous Winter Is Coming For Car Manufacturers

15 Oct

Alex Roy's LiveDriveRepeat

Winter is coming for car manufacturers. An Autonomous Winter, without end. If you’ve seen what Tesla is doing with Autopilot, and all they plan to do with it, you’ve already seen the future. Now it’s up to automakers to figure out what they want to be in this new world as quickly as possible.

Check out my new piece on the future of Autonomous Cars over at Jalopnik

TEDx: In Defense of Human Driving Freedom

5 Oct


My TEDx talk in defense of human driving freedom “Vigilante of the Human Driver” was a huge hit. Unfortunately you won’t be able to watch it for a few weeks. Why? Because the livestream I was hoping to cache had an audio problem, and because the official TEDx video won’t be made available by TED for a few weeks.

Thanks to TEDx Battenkill organizer Michael Ellenbogen and everyone who came out, especially Polizei team members Cintra Wilson and Jordan Vega.

I’ll notify everyone here and via Twitter and Facebook as soon as I’ve got a video link.


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Bigger Than VW? Google Does A 180 on Autonomous Cars

30 Sep

Alex Roy's LiveDriveRepeat - Google Changes StrategyLost in the storm of VW news, the FCA confession and the Ford Windstar recall is even bigger news re: the future of the car sector: Google’s Sergey Brin said that they’re now open(!) to self-driving cars that can be driven manuallyThis is a complete reversal of Google’s previous position on Autonomous cars, and the ramifications are enormous.

The last time Google took an official position on this was earlier this year, when they unveiled a prototype lacking a steering wheel and gas or brake pedals. Continue reading

Apple Car’s ‘Target Ship Date’ Is 2019? I Stand By My Theory.

22 Sep

Here’s an interesting report that contradicts my 9/19 story about Apple’s Autonomous Car plans. According to the WSJ, Apple’s target ship date is 2019. I don’t think so. I stand by my theory. Continue reading

Why Apple Just Met With The California DMV To Discuss Self-Driving Car Regulations

19 Sep

Alex Roy's LiveDriveRepeat - Why Apple Just Met With The California DMV

Apple met with the California DMV this past August to discuss self-driving car regulations, according to Slashgear, “lending further weight to rumors the company is developing an autonomous vehicle.”

Wait. Apple JUST met with the California DMV this past August to discuss self-driving car regulations? JUST this past August?

The Slashgear story is not the story. Continue reading

These “American” Cars Will Be 35% More Expensive Under A Trump Presidency.

15 Sep

Alex Roy's LiveDriveRepeat - Trump Wants These Cars to Go Up 35% In Price If He's Elected...

Donald Trump is sick and tired of American car manufacturers exporting jobs, and doesn’t mind a little trade war. Here is a list of American cars whose prices Donald Trump suggested should go up 35% were he elected president, according to his speech in Raleigh, North Carolina last night. Trump was a little vague about details, but if we go by the NHTSA 70% standard, well, here you go: Continue reading

Is the Mercedes Concept IAA the next CLS? I Hope So.

13 Sep

Alex Roy's LiveDriveRepeat - Mercedes IAA Concept Courtesy of Carscoops

Dear Mercedes: Please build the Concept IAA. The “Intelligent Aerodynamic Automobile” is exactly what the next CLS should be. I loved the design of the first-gen CLS. Not so much the second. The IAA solves that problem. Let’s look at the evolution: Continue reading

WTF: GM Took 5 Years to Fix Hack of OnStar Cars?

12 Sep

Alex Roy's LiveDriveRepeat

Upon reading the Wired piece about GM’s failure to fix their OnStar hack for 5 years, I Googled for a whole ten minutes looking for an image to describe my incredulity. I couldn’t find one pithy enough, so read into the image what you will. So many articles have covered vehicular hacks recently that to add another summing them up seems like a waste of time. It isn’t. Continue reading

What Is The Autonomotive Singularity?

10 Sep

The following is excerpted from my Jalopnik piece: “How Science Fiction Failed Us: The Real Future of Autonomous Cars.”

The Autonomotive Singularity is the idea that human input is the weakest link in the transportation chain, manifested to its logical end. It is Uber meets Skynet. It is the sun around which every digital automotive “advancement” currently orbits. Continue reading