How The Tesla Model S P90D Ludicrous Proves Tesla Is the New Apple

26 Apr

Alex Roy Tesla Model S

Writing a Tesla Model S P90D Ludicrous review is a waste of time. The car is amazing: 762 horsepower; 0-60 in 2.8 seconds; 270 miles of range. The world’s best electric powertrain and autonomous driving features. Sure, the interior could be better, and reliability issues persist. But owners don’t seem to care, and I loved the thing.

Now, let’s review what you really get for $120,000+, which is the idea of owning a Tesla—which is really, then, the idea of Tesla itself.

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Alex Roy’s Daily Reading 4.21.16: Facebook Algorithms, Gaming, Citroen vs. Tesla

21 Apr

Bowie. Now Prince.

Using FB as a publishing platform? Read this fascinating Medium post: Peak link: What I learned about Facebook’s algorithm from looking at my 4,632 posts.

400,000+ Tesla Model 3 orders? Musk can’t get on this infrastructure fast enough: Tesla is already expanding its Supercharger Network following the Model 3 unveiling.

This story is going to recur. I’ll cry next time too. How a Boy Found His Father’s Ghost Waiting in a Vintage Video Game: Continue reading

Why The Tesla Model X Will Make You Want an American SUV

5 Apr

Tesla Model X

I hate SUVs for the same reason I hate houseboats. Bad houses, bad boats. Luxury SUV’s make me sick. Is there anything more American than the idea that you can have it all, without compromise, for a price? You can’t, otherwise Escalades and Expeditions would be running in NASCAR.

Except now you can, because I just took a Tesla Model X P90D to Ojai, California, and for the first time in my life, I wanted an American car.

The Model X P90D represents everything I hate. It’s an awkwardly-proportioned, 5440 pound, electric, semi-autonomous, 7-seater SUV, packed full of technology that cannot possibly last, from a company critics claim cannot survive.

And I absolutely loved it. Read why over at The Drive

A First Look at the Brilliant Tesla Model 3

1 Apr

Tesla Model 3

The long-awaited Tesla Model 3 was finally revealed at Tesla’s Design HQ in Hawthorne, California, and it wasn’t merely the cars that were electric. The audience hung on Elon Musk’s every word, waiting to see the car upon which the company’s future—if not survival—hinges.

His speech? Who cares? Musk could have used a flamethrower on a cage of baby lions and the crowd would have cheered. Read the rest over at The Drive

Doug DeMuro Doesn’t Know Anything About Autonomous Cars

12 Feb

Doug Demuro Denies Tesla Model S Autonomous Car Dominance

“The Tesla has come and gone,” according to Doug Demuro. Does Demuro know anything about Autonomous Cars? Jalopnik was kind enough to invite me to weigh in as part of their latest video, “Is A Tesla The Best Semi-Autonomous Car You Can Buy?” I recommend you watch it, because his comments are illuminating for all the wrong reasons. Continue reading

Now THIS Is What An Aston Sedan Should Look Like

29 Jan

Aston Martin Lagonda

“It is the color of molten drugstore chocolate. It rides on oversize chrome aftermarket wheels that appear to have been stolen from a Pep Buoyed Acura. It sports a wide gold pinstripe that looks like it was applied with a mop. And, planted on the broad plane of its rectilinear trunk, is a body-colored boomerang TV antenna large enough to acquire signals from all three broadcast networks, and maybe Skylab. The 1979 Aston Martin Lagonda is at once heinous, ravishing, domineering, and audacious. I am smitten.”

Read Brett Berk’s drive of the Lagonda Prototype over at The Drive…

Why Car Journalism Today Sucks, Part 1

3 Jan

Alex Roy on Why Most Auto Journalism Sucks

The vast majority of reviews we read are trash. Movie reviews, restaurant reviews—you name it, there’s some no-name being paid to write about it. They probably aren’t paid much, and you better believe that anyone over the age of 25 reviewing anything is 1) amortizing their lack of a vacation budget with a greasy treadmill of five-star junkets to Beverly Hills and Dubai, or 2) writing reviews as a hobby and most likely doesn’t have the authority to advise you on much of anything.

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Alex Roy Reviews: The 2016 Mercedes G63/G65 AMG, Part 1

20 Dec

Alex Roy's LiveDriveRepeat - Mercedes G-Class G63/G65 AMG

I’ve decided to perform a little experiment. I’ve decided to publish the clearest, shortest review of all time. I’ve selected a vehicle perfect for this experiment: the 2016 Mercedes G63/G65 AMG. I don’t really review cars, and so I have no fear of being excluded from getting press cars. If I am, well, it doesn’t really matter. I don’t go on junkets or trips paid for by manufacturers. If and when that changes, I’ll say so. This review will be published in reverse order, starting with the verdict, like Memento. Here goes: Continue reading