Alex Roy Digest Google is Colossus, China AD, Tesla

4 May


GM ditched Google over data control? Add their coming big AI, and Google is Colossus. Or will be. Does that mean Ford is OK with Google’s data control? What does this say about BMW and Daimler’s rejection of Apple’s terms? Did Apple want what Google wants? Is Google already an adolescent Colossus?

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Alex Roy’s Digest 5.4.16: Car AntiVirus, OnStar, GPS Death, Uber

4 May


You didn’t need to be Nostradamus to see this one coming: Your connected car will need antivirus software.

Autonomous Driving tech is the next bubble. THEN it will become ubiquitous. Seriously, people aren’t going to want this until Level 4 is available…with or without a steering wheel.

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Alex Roy’s Digest 5.3.16: Chris Harris vs. Gumball 3000, ISIS, Gumpert, Textalyzer & More

3 May

Gumball 3000 Gumpert Apollo Crash

The Gumpert Apollo may disappoint, but the Gumball 3000 never does.

Speaking of the Gumball 3000, Chris Harris really stepped into the line of fire with his anti-Gumball 3000 tweet, and boy did things get nasty when rapper Bun B shot back. Harris’ Instagram is now filled with foul language…or worse.

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Alex Roy’s Digest 5.2.16: Panamera Wagon, Analog Carpooling, Uber vs. Renting, Autonomous Driving vs, Bad Roads

2 May

Panamera Wagon

Porsche should just make THIS the Panamera. Cosmetically, a Panamera wagon eats a Tesla Model X alive, and would probably attract the same customers, especially once it’s electrified.

Analog carpooling. It still works. Toby Barlow approves.

Autonomous Cars Confused by America’s Shabby Roads? Something tells me this is going to be a way bigger problem than people expect, but guess what? Continue reading

Alex Roy’s Daily Digest 5.1.16: Fourth Cars, Flamethrowers, Waze Stalking, “Forklifting”

1 May

Anti-carjacking flamethrower

“Criticism may not be agreeable, but it is necessary. It fulfills the same function as pain in the human body. It calls attention to an unhealthy state of things.” – Winston Churchill

I’m thinking of about doing some more writing about Fourth Cars. Any ideas?

This is how they used to stop carjackings in South Africa: Continue reading

Alex Roy’s Digest 5.1.16: Electric Ferrari, Charging Stations, Tesla Skeptics, Self-Driving Civic

1 May

Alex Roy's LiveDriveRepeat: Electric Ferrari 308

An electric Ferrari 308? Be still my beating heart. This speaks to me on so many levels. Magnum, P.I. is the obvious one, but 32:07 is the other. A red Ferrari similar to this one set the Transcontinental Driving Record in 1983 on the U.S. Express, and will always be the quintessential Cannonball car. Except for a certain E39 BMW M5.

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Alex Roy’s Daily Reading 4.28.16: Porsche, Drivy, Turo, Traffic Theory, Tesla, Amateurs

29 Apr

Alex Roy: Porsche 928 Reborn As A Ferrari 488 Killer?

A new Porsche 928? A Ferrari 488 fighter? Please. Let it be both.

I appeared on the Untitled Car Show Podcast. have 99 minutes to kill? We talk Autonomous Cars, Cannonball, Morgan 3-wheelers and scarves.

If Drivy enters the US, there will be war with Turo. Or will there? Continue reading

Alex Roy’s Daily Reading 4.27.16: SAE, Fisker, BMW, Daimler, Sharing, Volvo Autonomy

27 Apr

Alex Roy SAE Conference

I spoke at the SAE World Congress and all I got was this low-rez image. From a friend. Who needs a better smartphone. Still waiting on video.

Crash tests for autonomous cars are going to be way weirder than we think.

BMW really wants Mini owners to rent out their cars? Unlike Daimler, which both owns and fills its own pipeline, otherwise known as Car2Go.

Volvo autonomous car engineer calls Tesla’s Autopilot a ‘wannabe’. I can’t wait to find out. Soon. Continue reading

Alex Roy’s Daily Reading 4.25.16: Maps Lie, Tesla X, BMW, Audi & Infotainment

25 Apr

Alex Roy's Daily Digest

Maps lie.

My Tesla Model X Review is doing colossal traffic. Colossal. And still climbing.

Not sure about #5. Vox: “Five big challenges that self-driving cars still have to overcome

Which DC Fast Charging Standard Will Become Dominant? CHAdeMO, CCS, Tesla?

BMW adds GoPro intregration to M Laptimer app. Meanwhile, dashcams remain 3rd-party devices. Why aren’t dashcams factory options?

Infortainment still sucks? I know. I know. Autoblog thinks it can fix it.

New TT RS faster and more powerful than a new Cayman? Still wish it looked like the Gen 1 TT.

Alex Roy’s Daily Reading 4.21.16: Facebook Algorithms, Gaming, Citroen vs. Tesla

21 Apr

Bowie. Now Prince.

Using FB as a publishing platform? Read this fascinating Medium post: Peak link: What I learned about Facebook’s algorithm from looking at my 4,632 posts.

400,000+ Tesla Model 3 orders? Musk can’t get on this infrastructure fast enough: Tesla is already expanding its Supercharger Network following the Model 3 unveiling.

This story is going to recur. I’ll cry next time too. How a Boy Found His Father’s Ghost Waiting in a Vintage Video Game: Continue reading