Alex Roy

Alex RoyAlex Roy has driven farther and faster – on public roads – than almost anyone alive. With a perfect safety record across hundreds of events – legal and illegal – on four continents, Roy is best known as the first person in 23 years to break the 1983 US Transcontinental “Cannonball Run” driving record – going from NY to LA in 31 hours and 4 minutes. Roy is also author of “The Driver” and Executive Producer of “32 Hours, 7 Minutes”, which deconstruct the mythology of the “Cannonball Run” and document the true history of underground endurance racing.

Roy set the 31:04 record via a quantitative approach, combining the latest GPS, night vision and communications technologies with the fuel economy, logistical and driving strategies of professional endurance racing.

Roy is currently Editor-at-Large at The He is a former columnist for Jalopnik and Road & Track, and occasional host of /DRIVE on NBC Sports. He has spoken at MIT, Stanford, Google & the FBI, and was kicked off of Letterman for asking Dave about his speeding tickets. Roy’s one true passion is The Moth, of which he was Chairman when its office was in his living room back in 2002…but that’s another story.

Roy is represented by WME.

Roy can be contacted via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.