Alex Roy Digest FBI, Amazon Echo, OnStar, Spies, Facebook

9 May


I’ll let the above tweet from Matt Novak speak for itself. Now imagine you own a car with OnStar, or ANY with voice recognition, ESPECIALLY if it was made in the last 24 months. Do you really believe there is NO chance someone is listening to your in-car conversations? Really?

The Americans. As in the show. Actually happened. The day we discovered our parents were Russian spies.

French kids could sue their parents for posting baby pictures on Facebook. Really. But why would they? French kids are generally adorable. I wasn’t, at least not during the awkward years. Anyone over 35 is lucky. There’s nothing to erase.

Anti-DUI Lawyer Arrested For Drunk Driving In A Lamborghini. Funny, I’ve never been arrested for DUI. Because DUI is dumb.

Uber And Lyft Are Officially Dead In Austin. Guess who isn’t? Car2Go. But you’ve got to drive yourself. Still “car sharing” though.

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