Alex Roy’s Digest 5.8.16: No To Driverless Cars, Polizei vs. Gumball 3000, Lyft, Traptap

8 May

Gumball 3000

The German Police Hit The Gumball 3000 Hard. You didn’t need to be Nostradamus to see that coming.

Billions are being invested in driverless cars that Americans don’t want. I think some of them want it. I know I do. But not so sure about people over 50. My mom sure doesn’t. Basically, if your desktop has ever crashed, you probably don’t want it. Paging, Windows 95 users…

I know what the next Team Polizei car will be. Maybe.

TrapTap? Seriously? A puck you throw on the dashboard that’s supposed to replace the long-dead Trapster, Waze and radar/laser detectors? Seems a little lightweight for the purpose.

Riding is the new driving? Thanks, Lyft, but not yet. Not yet. In my case, sometimes. In all cases? Let’s hope never.

Alex Roy is an Editor-at-Large for The Drive, and author of The Driver and set the 2007 Transcontinental “Cannonball Run” Record in 31 hours & 4 minutes. You may follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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