Alex Roy’s Digest: Polizei 144 Centerfold, Influencers, Fuzzbusters, Chickens, Tesla, Apple

6 May

Polizei 144 Centerfold

The Team Polizei 144 models – namely myself, and a cute Swedish girl whose name I forgot after she left the photo shoot – have always been more attractive than actual German Polizei officers. I wasn’t looking for a new Polizei 144 centerfold, but it looks like actual Polizei officer Adrienne Koleszar is much better looking than I am, better at hand-to-hand combat, and, with 190k Instagram followers, more popular as well.

Rise of the FuzzBuster, A.K.A. the radar detector.

Who are the most influential people in the Automotive world? Besides myself, of course. The/Drive’s best minds, led by Editor-in-Chief Mike Guy and Video Boss Mike Spinelli, lead a panel that seeks the answer…

Apple Seeking 800,000 Square Feet Facility as Car Project Expands? Cheaper than buying Tesla.

Self-Driving Cars? Chicken Feed.

iTunes deletes your music? It’s definitely deleted some of mine.

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