Alex Roy’s Digest 5.6.16: Alfa Romeo Team Polizia, GM, Lyft, TVR, Tesla, Iran

6 May

Alfa Romeo Team Polizia 144

Team Polizei? Meet Alfa Romeo Team Polizia 144.

Iran Bans Chevy imports, criticizes rich kids. Does that mean the Gumball 3000 won’t be going there anytime soon?

Lyft Will Pick You Up In Self-Driving Electric Cars Within A Year. Funny thing is, I can do that now. With a Tesla. If I had one.

TVR Releases The First Official Images of Their New Griffin. I approve of this. I’ve always wanted a Cerbera. Or a Sagaris. Or a Speed 12. Or a Tuscan. In that crazy purple color. If only they were half as reliable as Morgans.

Even if you hate the stock. Tesla has rewritten the economics of electric cars. It has no direct competitors—yet. Exactly what I’ve been saying.

Bentley has launched a new Apple Watch app for its Bentayga customers. The answer to a question no one asked who already bought the answer to a question no one liked but bought anyway.

Does a car’s potential abilities make it more appealing? I’m no E.B. White, but shouldn’t it be “do”?

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