Alex Roy’s Digest 5.5.16: Tesla Crash, Sex, Idiots, Rail, CDL

5 May


Tesla Crash

Hooning a Model S? Looks like five German kids who survived this Tesla crash got off lucky. I wonder what would have happened in my E39 BMW Polizei M5.

Authorities are worried that sex behind the “wheel” in Self-Driving Cars is dangerous. Which makes no sense.

My mentor at the Legal Aid Society told me twenty years ago that the majority of people in jail are caught – innocent or guilty – because they’re dumb. Here’s the proof. The kids arrested in the largest gang bust in NYC history got caught¬†because of Facebook. How amateurs.

Autonomous Cars will lead to unemployment? The man behind Google Brain has an idea.

I loved trains as a kid. Grok this…Freight Rail Traffic Plunges: Haunting Pictures of Transportation Recession

I’m thinking of getting a Commercial Drivers License. Before they go away.

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