Alex Roy’s Digest 5.3.16: Chris Harris vs. Gumball 3000, ISIS, Gumpert, Textalyzer & More

3 May

Gumball 3000 Gumpert Apollo Crash

The Gumpert Apollo may disappoint, but the Gumball 3000 never does.

Speaking of the Gumball 3000, Chris Harris really stepped into the line of fire with his anti-Gumball 3000 tweet, and boy did things get nasty when rapper Bun B shot back. Harris’ Instagram is now filled with foul language…or worse.

In Defense of Textalyzer.” Don’t think this can work on a broader privacy level, but if it had existed in 2014, I wouldn’t have gotten a 5 point ticket merely for picking up my phone.

Google and Chrysler are going to build 100 Autonomous Driving (AD) Minivans. This is how AD will play out. If you didn’t build it, you get it from Google. The real question is, what will Apple do? License out THEIR as yet unseen tech? Or offer a car? No one agrees on this one. Article coming…

U.S. Auto Sales Brand-By-Brand Results: April 2016. I love parsing through these. I’m most surprised that Alfa Romeo has sold 255 4C’s YTD.

ISIS thinks it can build an Autonomous Car. That can’t be good. It also seems unnecessary. Think about it.

Why Is Tesla Short Interest Near All Time High: Each Car Is “Valued” At $620,000. Tomorrow’s $TSLA call with Musk should be very entertaining.

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