Alex Roy’s Digest 5.2.16: Panamera Wagon, Analog Carpooling, Uber vs. Renting, Autonomous Driving vs, Bad Roads

2 May

Panamera Wagon

Porsche should just make THIS the Panamera. Cosmetically, a Panamera wagon eats a Tesla Model X alive, and would probably attract the same customers, especially once it’s electrified.

Analog carpooling. It still works. Toby Barlow approves.

Autonomous Cars Confused by America’s Shabby Roads? Something tells me this is going to be a way bigger problem than people expect, but guess what? More sensors means more cost, and despite cultural and legal barriers, someone is going to push this on the market with the bare minimum data input necessary to make it work. Just like every other tech out there. In other words, all Autonomous Driving tech will NOT be the same.

Uber vs Rental Car: Which is cheaper? Not sure this article will tell you what you need to know. But it’s a start.

The cost of EV battery packs is falling faster than expected. Way faster. Interesting discussion of Tesla vs. GM battery costs.

Panamera Wagon

How does one steal a $1.4M Plymouth Barracuda in New York and expect to get away with it in a world full of social media?

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