Alex Roy’s Daily Reading 4.28.16: Porsche, Drivy, Turo, Traffic Theory, Tesla, Amateurs

29 Apr

Alex Roy: Porsche 928 Reborn As A Ferrari 488 Killer?

A new Porsche 928? A Ferrari 488 fighter? Please. Let it be both.

I appeared on the Untitled Car Show Podcast. have 99 minutes to kill? We talk Autonomous Cars, Cannonball, Morgan 3-wheelers and scarves.

If Drivy enters the US, there will be war with Turo. Or will there?

Widening Highways Never Fixes Traffic. But Darnit, It Did in Texas

Tesla’s reliability? It clearly doesn’t matter to owners. They still love it. Now that I’ve clocked 5000+ miles on a P90D, I totally get it.

Brightly colored sports cars try to escape from cops and get caught? How amateur.

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