Doug DeMuro Doesn’t Know Anything About Autonomous Cars

12 Feb

Doug Demuro Denies Tesla Model S Autonomous Car Dominance

“The Tesla has come and gone,” according to Doug Demuro. Does Demuro know anything about Autonomous Cars? Jalopnik was kind enough to invite me to weigh in as part of their latest video, “Is A Tesla The Best Semi-Autonomous Car You Can Buy?” I recommend you watch it, because his comments are illuminating for all the wrong reasons.

I’ve driven almost every top-of-the-line model on the market with semi-autonomous features, and set the Autonomous Cannonball record this past October in a Tesla Model S. The Model S drove itself 96% of the time. That’s more than forty hours of semi-autonomous driving cross-country.

No competing model comes close. Why? Only Tesla allows the car to steer itself for more than 60 seconds. I had it steer itself for as long as forty minutes. The S-Class? BMW 7? The Infiniti? Not even close. Sixty seconds or less.

Jalopnik’s own Michael Ballaban and Raphael Orlove confirmed Tesla’s dominance in this on their drive from New York to Detroit in one.

Car & Driver confirmed as much in their recent Autonomous Driving comparo, which the Tesla handily won. And not by a little bit.

Demuro’s opinion? “The Tesla has come and gone.”

Forty minutes vs. one minute. How is that “come and gone?”

He then extolls the virtues of the Volvo XC90, a vehicle I also love, as if the XC90’s Autonomous suite in some ways surpasses the Tesla’s. Sorry, Doug. It doesn’t. Either you haven’t driven them, or you have and just chose not to truthfully answer the question posed by the video series you host.

NOT Journalism. That’s trolling.

I like you, Doug. You’re a funny guy. Now get your automotive shinebox.

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