The Autonomotive Singularity Approaches: Formula E Announces Autonomous Racing Series

27 Nov

Alex Roy's LiveDriveRepeat - Formula E Announces Roborace Autonomous Racing Series

I MUST be Nostradamus over here, because Formula E just announced Roborace, the first driverless racing series pitting autonomous cars head-to-head. I suggested precisely this in my first article about the coming Autonomotive Singularity. I’m absolutely convinced this is the future. Maybe not the ONLY future for racing, but something that will evolve to become a significant part of it. Why?

If you’ve seen the movie Real Steel, you have a pretty good idea where this is going. Battlebots laid the groundwork. The evolution of drone warfare set the stage for remote, semi-autonomous and/or fully autonomous robots. Racing is an obvious evolution, whether on the ground, at sea or in the air.

I’m very excited to see how this plays out. I will be at the first Roborace, and look forward to it.

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