Roundup: The Morgan 3-Wheeler Cannonball Record Story So Far

23 Nov

Alex Roy's LiveDriveRepeat
By now you’re probably aware of the most foolhardy cross-country driving record since Erwin “Cannonball” Baker first set out on a motorcycle 100+ years ago. Yes, I’m referring to 41 hour, 49 minute we miraculously completed in my Morgan 3-wheeler. If you haven’t read the full story…

…then my co-driver Zach Bowman’s hilariously brilliant piece will bring you tears of laughter. In the world of comedic masochism, his “I Set The LA To NY Record In A Morgan 3-Wheeler, And It Was Absolutely Terrible” is a must read.

For my more hyperbolic and philosophical take, I recommend “You Are All Cowards: Why The Morgan 3-Wheeler Cannonball Record Matters.

A very cool mini-doc is coming about our run, but for now please enjoy the teaser clip available over at The DriveAlex Roy's LiveDriveRepeat


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