Is Doug DeMuro Trolling Us?

27 Oct

Alex Roy's LiveDriveRepeat

Is Doug Demuro trolling us? Piling on Tesla after last weeks downgrade by Consumer Reports would just be too easy, even for Doug. On the other hand, if he’d seen the license plate of the Tesla I drove cross-country, it would merely feed the logic used in his latest rant. Read his latest article on Jalopnik and decide for yourself.

Alex Roy is the author of the LiveDriveRepeat blog and a Kinja of the same name.

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Roy is really proud of coining the phrase “Autonomotive Singularity.” Roy is President of Europe By Car, the founder of Team Polizei, a columnist for Jalopnik, a host on /DRIVE and author of The Driver – which depicts his 2006 NY-LA Transcontinental Driving Record, accomplished in 31 hours and 4 minutes. He also the Producer of The Great Chicken Wing Hunt & 32 Hours 7 Minutes, was Chairman of The Moth from 2002-2007, won The Ultimate Playboy on Sky One, has competed in LeMons & the Baja 1000, and holds a variety of driving records which must still remain secret.

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