What To Make Of A Pizza-Wrapped Lamborghini?

11 Sep

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I don’t always stop for wrapped Lambos, but when I see THIS, even I get curious.

This…err…”Pizza-ghini” is the creation of Cyrus Summerlin and Maximillian Hellerstein, who win the trophy for best startup founder last names. Make that first names, too. And first names. Pizza-ghini wasn’t my idea of a joke, FYI. It’s theirs.

What’s “Push For Pizza?” It’s an app of divine simplicity. It’s Seamless limited to pizza (for now) with an adorable GUI for selecting up to eight toppings. Is there room for another food ordering app? If you’re stoned, lazy or fed up with Seamless’s fairly decent app, Push for Pizza is for you.

Push for Pizza doesn’t make pizza. It’s just a delivery service, with fulfillment by local pizzerias. That doesn’t make for consistency, but it does cut costs. Sadly. the Lambo isn’t one of their delivery cars. It’s just for the promotion campaign. That was a relief, because as much as I wanted to make fun of these two, the more we spoke, the more sense it made. I can’t lie. I’ve been an angel investor, and if two 20-year olds walked up to me and pitched this idea, I’d say they were nuts. But I’ve been wrong before. Summerlin claimed they’ve raised $1M so far, and not just from angels. I’d love to know who they are.

Push for Pizza has already been covered in Techcrunch so I suppose they’re not in need of any more press. If one is going to subdivide the food app market, the college pizza market is probably the best one to attack. Go with what you know, they say. They’re not repeating the mistakes of Kozmo and Urban Fetch, which was to stock everything and go broke on infrastructure. The whole raison d’etre is the simplicity of the app and the product, so I’m additionally curious as to how they intend to grow this past pizza.

I haven’t ordered a pizza in two years, but if I were them, I’d focus on states that have legalized marijuana. Ooops, they already have.

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