What Is The Autonomotive Singularity?

10 Sep

The following is excerpted from my Jalopnik piece: “How Science Fiction Failed Us: The Real Future of Autonomous Cars.”

The Autonomotive Singularity is the idea that human input is the weakest link in the transportation chain, manifested to its logical end. It is Uber meets Skynet. It is the sun around which every digital automotive “advancement” currently orbits.

These comprise everything car enthusiasts claim to hate. Traction control. Lane Control. Stability Control. Automatic Braking. Steering-by-wire. And of course — the final enemy — Autonomous Driving (or AD). The latter is the glue that bonds these technologies together, and it will harden, inexorably, as legal and technological barriers are crossed, until some combination of economic, cultural and psychological factors remove steering wheels from cars altogether.

You may read the full article here.

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